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3 ways to make cities sustainable to make the world more livable

Cities occupy only 4% of the world’s lands but are home to more than half of the world’s population. Growing urbanization has a number of benefits. People who live in dense cities have small living spaces and so will be using up less energy. So, they will need fewer resources. There are disadvantages of urbanization as well. There will be more traffic, smog, and other pollutions. We need to be careful when we design cities. Here are three ways to make cities sustainable.

Improve mass transit

City commuters spend hours stuck in traffic congestion. They burn through gasoline. There must be more public transit in different places. Having better mass transit systems can help reducing the traffic congestion, and so the emission of carbon dioxide into the air.

Make buildings more efficient

About 40% of carbon dioxide emissions come from heating, cooling and powering buildings. Many countries are taking the initiative to insulate buildings better and have more energy efficient heating and ventilation equipment. This way, energy savings can reach up to 30 percent or more.

Use clean energy

Most of the city’s electricity plants are situated far away from the city. Some municipalities are becoming less dependent on power transmitted from distant generating stations. Solar energy systems are integrated on rooftops. It captures and recycles waste heat. Wind power is also used. Use of these energies also cut carbon emissions.

We should continue doing research and come up with more ideas on how to build a more sustainable city. We should use clean energy and reduce pollution to lead a healthy life.


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