NY Energy Challenge

a very exciting competition where high school students get the chance to demonstrate their creativity


companyWelcome to the NY Energy Challenge! If you are enrolled at a high school in New York, then you can participate in this competition. You need to come up with a plan to develop a self-sufficient city that creates power with 100% renewable energies.

Our energy reserves are running out fast. If we don’t think of alternatives such as renewable energies, we will soon be out of energy. In this competition, the students will demonstrate how energy can be used more efficiently. They will come up with alternative sources of energy. The students should use scientific information to design their renewable energy plans for a real city.

The goal of this competition is to make people aware of the energy crisis. Through this competition, we can tell audiences how we can change our lifestyle to use energy more efficiently. People will learn about the alternative energy sources and the latest research developments in this field.

This will be a fun event; at the same time, the students will get to practice their creativity. If you are a high school student and live in New York, then register for this competition today!